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Ephesians 4:26-27 (ESV)

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,
27 and give no opportunity to the devil.


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Believers Testimonies (page 2)  
God Bless, this is a where you can post how God has blessed you. If you would like to post your blessing from God, send an email to
My testimony is a bit lengthy but if you read it all the way through it is capable of helping you or someone you know immensely.

  At the age of two I was suppose to have corrective surgery for a drooping right eye lid... the surgeons decided to try something new. They cut the eyelid off. Rather brutal. Not too long after the eyelashes began growing back but because the lid had been sliced the lashes grew down and into the eye, piercing it all over like tiny little needles. The eye became badly damaged and i lived in excruciating pain. I lost the sight in the eye. No doctor would take my case because of the fear of malpractice until one day while my dad was having his flight physical a United Airlines Flight Surgeon recommended a doctor in Chicago and one in New York City. These two doctors teamed up and began a lengthy procedure of twenty one surgeries over several years trying to correct the badly damaged eye. They did remarkable work but the sight could not be recovered.

  In February of '91 the pressure behind the eye built to a point where I could no longer function. I had to stay in a dark room with pressure over the eye. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't care for my two young sons. I flew to Chicago and had the eye removed. Through the years, even before the eye was removed I searched for healing through spiritual counselors and not a few.

  I can very much relate to the woman with the issue of blood. My family had spent a great deal of money and I searched high, low and in between for healing. I too could never accept what the enemy had blind sided me with. However, I was told before the eye was removed that there was not enough community believing to be healed or that healing went out with the Apostles, or it faded away when Jesus left, God only heals really good, religious people (I was either good or religious but never both at the same time or I was really bad). After the eye was removed I was told it never happened in the Bible, God won't heal me because He's have to change all the physical laws in the universe to do it, if I wanted healing I shouldn't have had the eye removed and He (God) won't go against my initial choice, replacing an organ or a limb is nowhere in the Bible... one thing I wasn't told is 'Yes, God will heal you.' I was devastated because these people knew more and probably still do about the Bible than I. They must be right. Besides, they are my leaders. They would know. I couldn't understand why God would heal this disease, that illness, this person, that person, but He won't or He can't heal me. It never made sense and it was extremely hurtful to believe this way. My mistake was I went everywhere but the Word of God for the truth.

  In January '06 my husband and I visited CFF church in Tipp City, Ohio. Wayne and Ferne Clapp lovingly and graciously invited us to come and stay in their home. Before we headed back to West Virginia, we purchased the CFF class series. We started listening to them right away. Everyone should have them. They are healing. As I listened to the class Ministering with God's Power- that old tug in my heart came back, I wanted to be healed.

  By February I had finished the class and as I was walking my two dogs (this is my time with God where I talk things over with Him). I made a decision. I would no longer listen to what ANYONE says about my healing, including and especially myself. I would go to God. I would ask God to heal me. It didn't matter that I'd never heard of anyone ever getting a new eye - the circumstances would no longer have speech, I was healed. I simply decided God would heal me. I ministered to myself during that walk and thanked God for healing me. I told Him I would fight the good fight until my last breath. I would never again accept any information that came to me and implied I was wrong and God won't or can't heal me. Then, God showed me a sign. I didn't ask for it but He sent one that couldn't argue with. I knew He did it because He knew I was serious and wanted to comfort and confirm for me.

  My fight began in February. I went to Tipp City at the end of April and was ministered too. I hadn't seen any physical changes. But, I did not quit or give in. I kept fighting because our God cannot and does not lie. I drenched my brain in scripture. I confessed out loud "I'm healed" over and over and over again - I still do.

  On June the 8th '06 I woke up and there was a new eye forming in the socket. In July I saw my first flashes of light. In October the prosthetic eye could no longer fit and now I wear an eye patch. Today, on Thanksgiving, the iris is visible and the cornea is formed (we think of it as a lens- a little clear circle over the pupil). The eye is sensitive to light and is about 60 percent completed. The eye continues to grow and change.

  I want this testimony to first and foremost give GLORY to our GOD and to thank my Lord Jesus Christ who paid for this healing and who is the very reason I fight for this, they deserve for me to be healed. I would also like this testimony to reach out to those of you who so deeply desire deliverance, God will heal you. He has healed you through Christ's stripes. Because of Christ's payment- you are owed this healing...GO GET IT!!! I am here for you who need to talk, those who need help and earnestly desire help. I understand the agony and grief you have lived with or are now living. I was at this years planning meeting so someone in your area will have my phone number. You can call me after 7:00 EST- or email my husband with the caption 'GOD GETS THE GLORY' or else it might get deleted. I am keeping a journal which I will make available after the glorious day when this eye patch is forever removed.

God bless you- God will, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS!!!!
Linda Morrison, Barboursville, West Virginia

Dear Fellow laborers:

  God bless you abundantly in the name of our Big Brother, Jesus Christ! My daughter, Candice, and I had a wonderful time at the Family Reunion in August! And when we left we saw signs miracles and wonders on our drive home to Texas.

  We stopped in Texarkana, TX to gas up for the last leg of our journey home, and had been listening to teaching CD's and having a wonderful time with each other, as our manner is! :-) I wanted gum, but the gas station where we were at did not have the gum I wanted, so we went across the street to another station.

  When I walked inside I spoke to the cashier, cause that's just the kind of person I am, I speak to everybody. Well, when I was checking out I asked her how she was doing, and she proceeded to tell me. She had this horrific headache for which she had already taken BC for, and Tylenol. I just sort of stood there for half-a-second having a conversation with my Father who had asked me to pray for her. (It was a little unnerving as I was listening to a session of "Led by God's Power" where Wayne says, "...just do what God says!"

  So, I asked her, "Would you like for me to pray for you?" To my surprise, she said yes! I asked her what her name was (Tasha!). So I proceeded to pray for her. When I was through I asked her how she felt, she said it was a little better, but that she was ok. I told her that's not good enough. Now, in hind sight, I am not one to put my hands on someone unless I am restraining them, considering the line of work I do. But, I laid my hands on her forehead and told the headache to go away, told the sinuses to return to their normal size, and returned the flow of blood to her head as it should be. Then I asked her again, how she felt. She just look at me and asked me, "What did you do?" "It's all gone!! I don't feel anything!" She said, oh my God, some ladies came in here earlier and prayed for me but nothing happened, but it's gone now! (Oh yes, I did ask her that if I prayed for her did she believe she would be healed in the name of Jesus Christ, to which she responded, "Yes, please pray for me.")

  I told her that I prayed and she believed, and God Healed her in the name of Jesus Christ!

  I couldn't wait to get out to the car to tell Candice what had just happened! It was awesome! Tasha came out of the store and told her friends who had been outside, what had just happened! She was so excited! Candice and I talked about that all the way home!

  God is so awesome! I was thrilled at the power and authority we have when we dare to exercise it! And now that I have been working "Manifesting God's Power" I am much more confident about what My Father wants for His people.

  I am a fellow laborer with God Almighty! Imagine that!!!

  I sure love you guys, and am very thankful for your lives! God and I are gettin' busy here in TEXAS! I just want to be my best for Him, after all He GAVE His best for ME, His Son Jesus Christ!


Amy J. Battles
Arlington, TX

Dear Christian Family Fellowship family,

  My name is Barbara Rooney ,two weeks ago my son called me and told me that his son Michael age 5 had cancer in his spinal fluid and they were going to test him to see if it was in his bone marrow. Matt and I prayed and I told him that God was able to heal Michael and that I would go to him. (They live in Alabama) Matt my son was in Baltimore in training with the National Guard and could not go until he graduated.

  After getting off the phone with him,I called Linda Morrison who is my prayer partner and who with her husband Paul have a church in their home.We decided to go that weekend to Alabama and minister to Michael.Paul & Linda called CFFM and talked to John and also called Les Eagle and he offered to help with the funding of the trip, what a blessing, I had no idea how that was all going to afford the trip all I knew was that I had to go.

  Linda and I left Friday after work and arrived Saturday. We met his other Grandparents Jack & Sandra and we went to get Michael so we could visit with him. He was glad to see me but was hurting from the chemo and tests. He only stayed for a short time and wanted to go back to his Mother. It looked like Linda and I were not going to get time alone with him to minister to him ,so on the way to his Mom's house I asked Linda, how do I get control of this? She said ask his Grandparents if they would like to take part in it, so I did .They were blessed and I asked them to pray first and they wanted to all hold hands so we did. Michael was quiet and peaceful (he had been very fussy). We took Michael to his Mom and when out to eat with Jack and Sandra. Sunday after a great breakfast Linda and I traveled home to West Virginia very peaceful and sure that Michael had been healed .

  Well last week Sandra (his other grandmother) called me with great news. The first draw of fluid from his spine had 2000 cancer cells in it but the second draw only had 3!!! and no cancer in his bone marrow what a miracle!!! God is such a Great GOD. The doctor was so blessed said this had only happened to one other patient under his care. Michael's grandparents were blessed and his father (my son ) had all confidence that it we went to Michael he would be healed.Matt had told me prior to Michael getting sick, that he loved to be around me because he could see God working in my life. Matt believed for his son to be healed and he was.

Love you all You are God's best,

Barbara Rooney
Dear Laurence,

  I want to give the testimony of the miracle of healing which was done, by the grace of God with your hands.

  It was at the fellowship which we attended in Kanpur India in the house was Tiwari a leader in Kanpur. After the fellowship healing was made available, and you ministered to one girl about 7 or 8 years old.

  Before she came to Tiwari's home for healing she was on dialysis for 2 months. Now this young girl gives her testimony in every fellowship she goes too that she was healed by you. The young girl says she does not know your name, but the young girl describes you as being tall with black hair and that he looks like an Indian (and handsome.) .

  She continues to share her testimony that she was on dialysis every two months and her parents were very sad and they could see no hope. She said she was always very weak and couldn't play, but after her healing she hasn't had dialysis for the last four months. She is very happy and so are her parents. They give glory to God and are thankful to God because he healed her. After the healing the young girls whole family and relatives have come to the word of God.

  When I heard her testimony I was so happy and wanted to let you know. Now in Kanpur there are so many new villages and many new people come to the true Word of God.

Chiya Kumar

God Bless you all in the name above every name—Jesus Christ,

  No matter where, no matter what the conditions or circumstances, our God & His Word is alive!

  Some time ago I was standing on my porch in my clinic in Baghdad, Iraq. A young man was walking past. God spoke to me and said to go speak to him.

  When I asked why he was smiling so much, he replied that he was finally going home and that he and his wife had reconciled.

  I then made the comment that he looked like he’d met God or something...he responded surprised that he had been reading his bible without any understanding and had a few questions.

  We proceeded over to my living quarters, I got out my 35-year-old KJV and in then end, this man manifested holy spirit and that smile grew even larger. This all transpired in less than a half hour.

  Even in war torn Iraq the Word of God is alive.

  Love you all,

John "Smokey" Hatzimichaels

When I visited for Sun a.m. fellowship on Father's Day, I felt healing and much
emotional relief just sitting down - it so reminded me of the BRC in 1974 where
I decided to trust God with my life. (Many ups and downs since then...)

  Sangat ministered to me for pain to go away and from my "gut" out I felt it
leaving. I've had several traumatic abusive times in my life from childhood on,
and had several forms of anxiety. I can now think more clearly and actually
trust in God much more fully. There is more to come, but I've also prayed for
God to do this fairly slowly - He knows I need change in smallish doses! To
feel and be so in control, and to know His gentleness - this is new for me. He
does enable people who turn to Him to become new whole people. Only our
Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could heal the brokenness,
the terrifying memories, and the extreme withdrawal I've lived with for many
many years.

  I will shout in triumph over my enemies, and sing for joy in His presence!

Ann Barrentine, Bloomington, IN

Back in November 2005 I ministered to a women who suffered a stroke. She had
lost use of her left hand. I commanded that her body heal in the name of Jesus
Christ. I told her that her use of the hand would come back and in a short time
it would be fine.

  Well I talked to her tonight and she said that she has regained full use of that
hand. In fact her left hand now works and moves better than her right hand. That
is a 110% recovery. the left hand is now better than it was before the stroke!!!

  That is our God ... He not only heals and restores ... he makes it better ... He
heals us so we are better than before we were sick ... 110% ...

God Bless ... Rev. Jeff Rath

Some of you may know, that it is believed a tornado touched down near the Dayton Mall. The Dayton Mall is only 2.5 miles from our home. I heard that Walmart got hit. Roofs were torn off in that area. Still waiting to hear about damages.

  When this occurred. a neighbor knocked on the door, and informed us that a tornado was heading this way. Right toward us!

  Ariel was with me, asking if a tornado "was heading to us".
Everyone was in front of my door, I said "NO, it will NOT touch...and we all needed to pray NOW".

  I prayed for "the tornado to do minimal damage, and for there to be no injuries and for it to not come ANYWHERE near us. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!"

  (This neighbor is a mother, that has three small children under three. She lives next door. I have been witnessing to her for a couple months, since her husband abandoned her and her kids, just before the birth of their third child.)

  Heather, the neighbor, has a big screen TV. I asked "can we get the Doppler up on your TV?"
She did. Within seconds, the "storm" was moving in the opposite direction that we were in.
ALL National Weather Warnings were lifted.... all tornado warnings were lifted for Montgomery County.God is more glorious than any movie on that could have been playing on that Big Screen!!

Praise be to God for this miracle.

In Him

MB and Ariel Parker

About a month ago I had the opportunity to go to Valencia, Venezuela for the Ministerio de la Reconciliación, Nuevos Tiempos, Nueva Luz’s (Ministry of the Reconciliation, New Times, New Light) International Family Camp “Rock of Ages” 2006. It is an annual event that pulls Christians from all over Venezuela and seven other countries.

  From the airplane ride on it was all about God in action, and truly seeing how BIG He is. My friend Nathan and I got in a conversation with the airplane steward, Roberto, that ended in him coming to visit us at the camp and then staying for the rest of the week! Which worked out great because it meant an extra translator for us ten Americans. And lord knows the translators needed all the help they could get, because everyone wanted to talk to us. We were so welcomed and loved. Especially with my blonde hair and blue eyes, I felt like a baby doll – everyone wanted to play with me and touch my hair and introduce me to their family . . .

  And give me hugs. I have never felt so loved in my life. I thought I am going to get spoiled, constantly being told I’m beautiful and that someone loves me and God blesses me. When I stepped off the plane, I was hugged immediately by ten different people, one of which I knew. And we’re not talking casual pat-on-the-back hugs. I’m talking the crush-your-lungs-hard-to-breathe-you-know-you’ve-been-hugged hugs. Because that’s how they do things in Venezuela – everything is one hundred percent. When they hug you, it’ll literally take your breath away. When they work, they work their butts off (and everyone gets involved – I was doing “Bless Patrol” security at 4 in the morning). When they sing and worship, it’s at the top of their lungs. And when they dance, you better be drinking some water because you will sweat (I think I shook body parts I didn’t even know I could shake).

  It goes the same with believing. Their hearts for God are very simple and very big. One of my favorite stories from the week is Robert Lightfoot’s miracle. Robert was my sponsor for the trip – he covered everything, from my registration to my airplane ticket. I kept praying Lord, there is no way I can pay that back so You are just going to have to bless him big. Well on Thursday afternoon Robert falls down the steps and fractures his wrist. Immediately he said to get the ministers. They prayed for him and took him to the hospital.

  That evening Robert walks in and breaks up the main meeting, showing off his cast and two x-rays of his wrist. The first shows a bone coming out of the skin and fractures and cracks all along the forearm. He says how he just knew God was going to deliver him. When the doctor said we have to do surgery (for which they wouldn’t take Robert’s insurance nor did he have that much cash), Robert says let’s just pray one more time. Leilian Cabrera, Mrs. Mendoza and others prayed and ministered to Robert’s arm. Robert asked the doctor to take one more x-ray – on the second x-ray (we’re talking thirty minutes later), his wrist looked as fine and healthy as mine. NO cracks, NO bone out of wack, NO problem. The only reason they put on the cast is the doctors just couldn’t believe that nothing was wrong. Leilian said she was holding Robert’s arm when praying and she actually felt the bone move back into place. I’d say that’s a pretty big blessing.

  And the thing is, that doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime experience. That was certainly the biggest healing or deliverance of the week, but it wasn’t the only one. Once people realize the power of God they can operate and that He wants them to use, there is no stopping them. Since being back in the states, I’ve seen a broken nose healed instantaneously, blood dry up, a car swerve violently off the road and somehow miss the ditch, mailbox, stone wall and line of trees all around it, and weather that defies a forecast.

  I am so thankful for the opportunity to go to Venezuela. I got little sleep, ate weird food, picked up an accent, and scorched in the sun, and had one of the best times of my life. Thank you to Ministerio de la Reconciliación for reminding me that our God is not just a Venezuelan God, or an American God. He is universal

God bless you abundantly.

  I thank God our Father for his love, his kindness and his fidelity. He is God and there are not others of him. He makes large and deep things; wonders without a number. I am very grateful to God for the delivery that He granted to me. Since the 5 years age surroundings I received an injection of quinimax (a product against paludism) which killed the sciatic nerve of my right leg. That caused an important myopathy with atrophy of all the right leg and consequently an attack of the spinal column and all the right side. When I had the new birth I was convinced that God was going to heal me. But very quickly the adversary declared me that my case was too serious so God can’t do anything. And each time I wanted to request for my leg a great fright seizes me and I give up. I did not dare to request for the leg until the day when I have to decide to read again the books of Doctor Victor Paul Wierwille. I thereafter followed the fundamental course of Christian Family Fellowship Ministry and so much of other books. All that revived my belief and changed my point of view to be aligned on the word of God. Thus in May 2005, for my birthday I raised a prayer to the Father and I asked him for the spiritual and physical integrity; and that my life is a subject of miracles for the glory of its name. Three months later, i.e. in August 2005, God give me the possibility of going in Tipp City to Ohio for one week. I remember this after midday of Friday in August when we were 5 persons in the office of John Shroyer : me, Franck Jouvellier, Wayne Clapp, Martine Mendoza and John Shroyer. I still remember with many details how the reverend John Shroyer requested for Franck and me. he was spiritually helped by the others. I remember how he cast out these spirits which refused to leave and which spoke for their account. He ended up driving out these spirits which undermined my life. This day I understood that these great men of God have just established a large foundation on which God will continue his action. Today I return thanks to God to have allowed me to present myself at the believer’s meeting of Bath in England where God give me a total healing through my dear brother W. Bill Bellinger, who administered me the healing, and through the work of the beloved brother Sangat Bains which established this healing by instructions that he got to me and that allowed me to take actions of belief. Now, my column spinal is right, my right leg is firm and I can carry things with my right hand and move me what I could not do before. I can hold on my right leg by raising my left leg, that was not possible in the past. My cure is total. God ensures the performance.


Melanie GABA

"GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU" burst through my enfeebled thoughts so loud and
clear it was as if I was actually listening to a Wayne Clapp teaching CD.
He had repeatedly told us to be continually aware that God is always with
us. I actually had a flashback of where I was when I was listening to the
teaching and I felt like I was there. I wasn't. I was in the ER having an
ultrasound done on my lower right leg. The doctor was pointing out blood
clots to the tech and how there was a dangerous one on the move. I had
already been told that, according to the CT scan, I had massive clots that
had gone through my heart and into my lungs, so this news was overwhelming.
I had turned my head aside and that's when Wayne's heartfelt admonition
blasted away what they were saying. I felt God's presence and power so
strongly. He was grabbing my full attention and showing me that He was
absolutely there with me, with no doubt. Tears came to my eyes and they
still do when I think of it. I was able to focus on His power instead of
the adversary's doings and, above all, I knew I was safe.

  God also showed me which of the five doctors standing around me in ICU that
I should listen to, I mean, how many doctors would say "God saved you," and
later, " I don't heal--God does" and "just have faith in God Almighty." It
was a no brainer; I followed that doctor's recommendations. Through two
weeks in the hospital and two months off of work, I was healed of having
further pulmonary embolisms, recovered from a full abdominal hysterectomy
done between doses of blood thinners and healed of a viscous C-Diff
infection. I had lost a dangerous amount of blood and had lacked oxygen
thus I wasn't thinking clearly. I kept it simple. I would continually shut
out negatives by reminding myself that God was with me and He was in charge.
I was thinking about the goodness of God and picturing deliverance while
speaking in tongues. I've been peaceful through it all and God healed me in
the way I needed to be healed. My husband had been in the hospital with
kidney stones twice just before me and in again the week after with a C-Diff
and kidney infection along with the kidney stones. We were able to spend a
month together at home tenderly recovering and slowing our lives down-time
that we needed together. The love and prayers of believers, especially Vic
and Kathy Boozenny encouraged us to go to Tony and Delores Dean's fellowship
where we would be in a household of prayers, encouragement and believing.
God's hedge of protection is now so truly real to me--I could have died at
any moment. I thank God for the genuine ministries of CFFM and for their
hearts to teach and to take care of us.

Susan Steinke

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