INL January 25, 2008  

A Letter of Thanks

I’ve just returned from three weeks of intensive physical training, and haven’t had time to write something. However, I just received this letter from a wonderful lady who is growing by leaps and bounds. It blessed me so much I thought it would also bless you. It’s a wonderful testimony, and was a great welcome home for me. This is why we do what we do as ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Love ya,


My dearest brother, Wayne:

  I thank my God always, upon every rememberance of you, for your heart of love for His people and your faithfulness to stand for God.

  As I listen to the series, "Living Sacrifices, Free to Live for Him", I am more encouraged and more committed everyday to be me, the real me! I have broken through some things in my life, but I am so totally aware that there is more, however, I am not alone in my quest to be who God has called me to be. I am truly, and realistically, in the center of God's heart in this journey. I feel as though you were teaching directly to me when I first began listening to this series. I feel as though you are here teaching me, encouraging me, and cheering for me everytime I listen; and I listen to them nearly everyday.

  God has NOT foresaken me. He has NOT forgotten what He called me to do in the body, nor has He given up on me. He has not taken back that calling either. So many things seemed so religious to me, and I didn't want to be religious. I wanted to be living for the living God. Religion always meant performance to me. If I didn't perform, I could forget about it, God wasn't listening, and He wasn't going to perform, and He wanted nothing to do with me. I knew I couldn't perform or even come near performing the works that people thought I ought to do to demonstrate my "holiness", so I didn't even try.

  But I have learned that it is not by WORKS! Even those well meaning believers who taught me that it was not by my works, threw the inevitable "but" (but = forget about everything I just said before) in and I was mixed up again. In Nehemiah where the scribes opened the Word and read to them, they gave them the UNDERSTANDING. That's where I am... I am beginning to see the light in such brightness now. My relationship with God has grown sweeter everyday. Before I moved from Tennessee to Texas, I asked God to show me what Jesus Christ ACTUALLY did for ME. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I didn't REALLY know. I knew what the Word said, but I didn't gnosko, know. I couldn't put my finger on it, so to speak.

  That was the question of a lifetime for me. The million dollar question. He began, and continues to show me, everyday what His Son accomplished for ME. It is personal now. It is not general, you know, the everlasting life thing. It is right here, right now, this moment personal. I can really do all things through Christ which STRENGTHENS me. I can face all my fears, I can face the lies, I can face the very uncertainties that I have never wanted to deal with now, and know that I have the victory because my Brother has already accomplished it all for me. He lived and died for me. Not just died for me, but He lived and died for me.

  There is no one I can't talk to. I know it's hard to believe, but I was actually getting to the place in my life, where I was becoming afraid to talk to people because of what they might think of me. Not any more! Let 'em think what they want, I gotta' God who loves them even if they think evil of me. It's not OUR problem. If God tells me to pray for someone, I run to do it, because this is THEIR day!! What an awesome God!! If someone comes to me because they know who I am and for whom I stand, I stop what I'm doing and get 'er done!

  I am moving in a week, and it is not what most people would have expected, but I see the glory of God in this move. I am so stoked for this move. I have no idea what God has in mind for me there, but I am so excited to be going! I can't wait to see what He has in mind for me.

  Thank you for being one of among many teachers that I have had. But among all those teachers, you stand out in my life now, because it was you who brought a new life to the Word for me like I had only seen it once before. You brought me once again to the excitement, enthusiasm, courage, and compassion in life that is a reality when you walk with the Father, our God. He truly is the "I AM" and you helped me, through your love for Him and faithfulness, to come to know Him again. You helped me also to get rid of my "snob for Jesus" attitude that had snuck into my heart and mind. I was a "snob" and didn't even know it. Stuck my nose up in the air and wouldn't let anyone teach me. I've learned to listen, but more than that, I've learned to take it back to the Word. Not that I'm trying to disprove anyone, I'm just trying to get the living Word for me so I can teach other's also.

  I don't walk into a church now with the "you people have no idea what you're doing" attitude, when God tells me to go, I go with my ears open to hear what He wants to me hear, and to speak what He wants me to speak. I see things so differently now than I ever have. I still have so much to learn, but what I have learned over the past few years, has really blown me away. I am a different person. I love it when Candice's friends say, "Wow Candice, your mom really knows the Word." Not for any other reason except that when they do tell her that, I realize that's where my conversation is now. Set your affections on the things above.... I'm getting there, Wayne, and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for your life bringing me here.

  Have you ever looked at a beautiful sunset or sunrise, or looked at the glory of the vastness of the oceans, or seen such scenery so beautiful that it made you want to cry? I was thinking of that yesterday, and I thought, "In all that we think is beautiful, God has said WE are His MASTERPIECE!!!!" You make me want to cry. Thank you for your beautiful heart!

  I love you. You are God's best. I want to be like you when I grow up :-)

As He is, your Sister,